Downtown Eastside Reports at a Glance

Over the past few years the Building Community Society has been assembling and publishing reports on the Downtown Eastside. In July, 2010, the Society produced a report called Putting it all Together – Plans, Policies, Programs. Projects, and Proposals – A Synthesis.

The report was a synopsis and comparison of the various City and community initiatives that have been prepared in the past decade regarding the Downtown Eastside. The report was intended to provide a useful framework for informed discussion among the various parties involved, assist problem solving, and lead to the development of shared goals for the benefit of all concerned.

The Building Community Society is now preparing a follow up report called Downtown Eastside Reports at a Glance with a simpler, more graphic format. Readers will be able to quickly compare the various plans and policies for points of agreement and disagreement and explore where there may be opportunities for shared solutions.

The report will be available in early 2011.
Project lead: Ian Chang
Source: December 2010 Information Bulletin PDF
Building Community Society

Report: Putting it all Together

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