Downtown Eastside Community Planning Database

The Building Community Society is planning to create a comprehensive, objective, and always up‐to‐date information resource about the many significant characteristics of the Downtown Eastside to create a credible base of information and make it available to people electronically and in a central street‐front location in the Downtown Eastside.

The system will be designed through conversations with the communities of interest and researchers involved. The idea is that everyone from the community, from business, and from government could contribute to the information base.

The intention is to increase understanding, facilitate more informed conversation, and create more collaborative decision‐making on issues and opportunities for the future of the Downtown Eastside.

The database will include information on the status of housing in the neighbourhood by housing type, location, availability, and cost. The ability to regularly update the database will be one of the first elements programmed.

Project lead: Ray Spaxman
Building Community Society
Source: December 2010 Information Bulletin PDF

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