A future for the Strathcona neighbourhood

Heritage Vancouver is working with our community to increase our understanding and appreciation for our heritage, identify opportunities to protect, care for, and increase the contribution of our heritage resources, and create a future for our heritage.

Heritage Vancouver is inviting community leaders and contributors to explore how we can work as a community to create a future for the Strathcona neighbourhood and the heritage resources that connect us to the historic beginnings of our City.

Conversations hosted by Heritage Vancouver

The Context

The City of Vancouver has plans to create a community development strategy for the Downtown Eastside. “…subject to a diverse array of community groups agreeing to a facilitated planning process… and for all relevant city departments to be engaged to achieve an integrated community strategy for the Downtown Eastside. This process would consider all existing plans and strategies for the area and would include a robust community engagement process.” For more information http://vancouver.ca/commsvcs/planning/hahr/index.htm

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