Creating a future for the Strathcona neighbourhood

Questions for conversation

Character and culture
What is the character of the community in the Strathcona neighbourhood?
How do we make the development of Strathcona neighbourhood compatible with the character, culture, history, and heritage of the community?

What do we imagine Japantown and our industrial area could become?
What creative ideas do we have to increase the contribution of these areas to our neighbourhood?

Hastings Street
If Hastings Street is the main street and spine of the neighborhood what do we imagine it to be?
What creative ideas do we have to increase the contribution of Hastings Street to our neighbourhood and our community and to connecting our community?
How do we encourage and support people who might have an interest and the potential of opening a business on Hastings Street?

Heritage resources
What actions do we need to take to preserve the heritage houses and buildings north of Hastings?

Creative community enterprise
How do we keep the conversation and the exploration of opportunities, possibilities, and ideas going?

Invitation to the Conversation
Conversation – Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Observations and ideas from the conversation
Contributors to the Conversation

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