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Community Planning Database

The Downtown Eastside lacks a coordinated, objective and always up‐to‐date information resource about the many significant characteristics of the area. Discussions are to be undertaken with involved stakeholders working with researchers to design such a system.

The goal is to create a credible information base and make it available to everyone through
electronic means and through a street‐front location in the Downtown Eastside. Such a process would be undertaken through discussion with involved stakeholders.

The organizing principle is that everyone can contribute to the information base from the community, from government and from business. The operational principle is that the data base will facilitate understanding and discussion that can lead to collaborative, informed decision‐making regarding issues and opportunities before the Downtown Eastside. The status of housing in all its forms, including types, location, availability, costs and targets, with regular updates will be one of the first elements to be programmed.
Project lead: Ray Spaxman

Building Community Society – Works in progress
Plans, Policies, Programs, Projects, and Proposals
A synopsis and comparison of various City and community initiatives that have been prepared in the past decade regarding the Downtown Eastside. The Building Community Society is gathering information to provide a base for informed discussion between the various parties, aid problem solving, and lead to the development of shared goals for the benefit of all concerned. Readers will be able to quickly compare the various plans and policies for points of agreement and disagreement and where there may be opportunities for finding shared solutions. Available in early 2011.
Project Lead: Ian Chang

Source: December 2010 Information Bulletin
Building Community Society

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