Heritage Vancouver

Heritage Vancouver’s origins date back to the establishment of the Heritage Committee of the Community Arts Council of Vancouver. The Heritage Committee separated from the Community Arts Council in 1991 to become Heritage Vancouver, the first independent heritage advocacy group in Vancouver, a move born from a desire for more autonomy to pursue a wider range of goals and objectives.

Since then the organization has moved from a small group of concerned citizens advocating to prevent the demolition of heritage structures to working with the community to create a future for our heritage resources.

Heritage Vancouver is now working to increase our understanding and appreciation for our community heritage, identify opportunities to protect, care for, and increase the contribution and value of our heritage resources, and determine how we can work as a community to create a future for our heritage.

Heritage Vancouver invited a group of community leaders and contributors to a creative community conversation to explore ideas and initiatives we might take to create a future for the Strathcona neighbourhood and protect and preserve the heritage resources that connect us with the historic beginnings of our City and our community.

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